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What legislation has Dan Helmer sponsored?

He sponsored the’ Veterans’ Healthcare Enhancement Act’ to boost healthcare services for veterans, seeing to it they receive the attention they need. Helmer, a veteran himself, has been a staunch supporter of veterans’ rights. As a representative of Fairfax and Prince William counties, Senator Saslaw introduced a lot of laws and budget amendments making our communities safe and protected. Senator Saslaw has also championed efforts to bring broadband offerings and Access to the internet to underserved areas of the commonwealth.

He’s also championed initiatives to fund county jail expansion, other essential projects, and domestic violence shelters. For instance, as chairman of the Finance Committee, Senator Saslaw was important in setting up the Northern Virginia Crime Commission, that has funded large numbers of dollars in more police officers and crime prevention programs throughout Northern Virginia. As Chairman of the State and Local Government Committee, Senator Saslaw worked to be able to protect federal employees from unlawful layoffs and also to preserve their employment benefits.

He battled very hard against the efforts by outside interest groups to rollback the ability of labor unions to organize and collectively bargain with their companies. This is the reason he supports a litigation shield law that would allow the families of gun violence victims to sue gun makers & sellers in case the gun can be used illegally. Helmer says it is time for common sense gun control measures which keep the gun industry accountable. While all other applicants have been swift to help support the Biden Administration’s freeze on pupil loan payments, they haven’t gone far enough.

Helmer wishes to see action taken on student loan relief instantly. Pupil loan borrowers deserve relief and instant debt forgiveness, not another unpaid bill for the Biden Administration. Senator Saslaw has also worked to make sure Virginia public schools and children’s hospitals receive appropriate financing and support to meet up with their needs. He’s guaranteed Virginia’s front line workers get the correct compensation and protections as they work to preserve our residents safe.

He has additionally championed legislation to create an eviction moratorium during the pandemic, seeing to it families remain in the homes of theirs. Senator Saslaw also prioritized the removal of the state income tax from food to better serve Virginia families. His efforts include ensuring these staff members have PPE plus hazard pay. He’s also dealing with Governor Northam to prioritize a return to in-person instruction for K-12 schools.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Saslaw has went on fighting for Virginians across the commonwealth. In order to help our small businesses and non profits, Senator Saslaw has prioritized legislation to broaden the CARES Reimbursing businesses and act funding exactly who incurred expenses related to social distancing measures.